Heartfelt Thank You to Spar Islandmagee for Their Generous Donation

In a world filled with constant hustle and bustle, it’s always heart-warming to see local businesses stepping up to make a positive impact on their communities. We are excited to express our heartfelt gratitude to Spar Islandmagee, a beacon of generosity in our community, for their recent donation of goods to support Whitehead Storehouse, as part of their 40th birthday celebrations. Their act of kindness reminds us that when businesses and communities come together, incredible things can happen.

Gary, Spar, Islandmagee and Patrick Stewart, Whitehead Storehouse

The Power of Local Generosity

Local businesses are the backbone of any community. They provide jobs, goods, and services that sustain our neighbourhoods and improve our quality of life. However, the best among them go beyond their day-to-day operations to give back, becoming invaluable partners in the mission to make the world a better place.

Spar, Islandmagee has long been a shining example of this commitment. Their recent donation of goods to Whitehead Storehouse has been nothing short of extraordinary. These goods, including food staples and toiletries  will go a long way in supporting the less fortunate in our community and making a real difference in their lives.

A Helping Hand in Challenging Times

In today’s challenging times, the need for support within our community is more significant than ever. Many individuals and families face difficult circumstances due to various factors, including economic hardship, health issues, or unforeseen emergencies. This is where the generosity of local businesses like Spar, Islandmagee truly shines.

Their donation will provide immediate relief and support to those who need it most, and Spar, Islandmagee has not just donated goods, they’ve offered hope and assistance to those facing tough times.

Inspiring Others to Give Back

The impact of this donation goes beyond the material goods they provided. They inspire other local businesses to follow suit, encouraging a culture of giving and compassion that strengthens the fabric of our community. Their generosity serves as a powerful reminder that we are all interconnected and that when we come together, we can create positive change.

A Lasting Partnership

We want to express our deep appreciation to Spar Islandmagee for their commitment to Whitehead Storehouse’s mission. Their donation of goods not only helps us in our immediate efforts but also strengthens the foundation of our partnership. We look forward to working together on future initiatives and continuing to make our community a better place for all.


In a world often filled with challenges and uncertainty, it’s reassuring to know that we have businesses like this in our community. Their recent donation of goods is a testament to their dedication to the well-being of our neighbours and the betterment of our community as a whole. We extend our heartfelt thanks and hope their generosity serves as an inspiration for others to join in making our community a brighter, more compassionate place. Together, we can create a ripple effect of kindness that will touch the lives of many for years to come.

Exciting News Alert October 2023

Join Us for a Heart-Pounding Event Benefiting Hope House!

Get ready to break sweat for a fantastic cause! We are thrilled to announce an exhilarating exercise event that will not only boost your fitness but also support our local cancer charity, Hope House Ireland and support those in the community living with cancer

Where: Whitehead Community Centre, Kings Road Whitehead

When: 6pm Friday 27th October to 6pm Saturday 28th October 2023

What: 24 hour fitness event


This thrilling exercise extravaganza is brought to you by the Music and Mind Team, a dedicated group of individuals committed to making a difference in our community.

Fitness equipment going 24 hours

There will be a:

  • Static bike,
  • Rowing machine and
  • Treadmill

The goal is to have all 3 pieces of equipment filled for the 24 hours.


This means we need 72 willing volunteers to fill the 72 hourly slots. Feel free to book a double slot if you can manage 2 hours’ exercise. Each participant is asked to raise £10 for a slot, so that if all slots are filled, this raises at least £720, well on course to reach the target £1,000.

The slots between 10pm and 6am will be the most difficult to fill so if anyone particularly likes to train at that time, please put your name down.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Music and Mind  hopes to raise £1,000 from this event and all proceeds will go directly to benefit our local cancer charity, Hope House Ireland. Your participation will make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by cancer in our community.

Exercise – Best Medication

Music and Mind believes that exercise is one of the best forms of medication available: it boosts feel-good hormones, keeps us fit and helps fight social isolation.


It is aimed to have local talent singing during the event and music playing to encourage everyone as they complete their hour.

At the last slot leading to 6pm on Saturday, it is hoped that all will come together to celebrate and meet everyone who took part.

Contact Details

If you or your group or business would like to be involved, then phone or text (07926 361201) or email (noel@eastantrimcounselling.com) to discuss. You can book a slot online at https://www.picktime.com/3050a22a-f017-42a2-b441-baf74c182656


Let’s come together as a community to sweat, smile, and make a positive impact in the fight against cancer. See you there!

A Sizzling Success: McMasters Butchers Raises Funds and Spirits with Charity Barbecue

Heartwarming Gesture of Community Support and Generosity

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, McMasters Butchers, Kings Road, Whitehead, orchestrated a sizzling barbecue event on Saturday 26th August 2023 that not only delighted taste buds but also warmed hearts by raising over £1,000 in sales and donations for Whitehead Storehouse. The barbecue was part of the Music and Mind Festival in Whitehead over the Bank Holiday weekend and brought together people from all walks of life for a delicious feast that left a lasting impact beyond the palate.

The aroma of grilled delicacies, and the sound of live music from Cecil Knox, conversation and laughter filled the air as McMasters Butchers powered up the mobile barbecue and created delicious burgers, hot dogs and salads for residents and visitors to Whitehead. The event, aimed at raising funds for Whitehead Storehouse, proved to be an incredible success, showcasing the power of local businesses to effect positive change.

Donated Fee

McMasters Butchers arranged for Cecil Knox to provide live music at the event and Cecil very kindly donated his fee for playing to Whitehead Storehouse. Thank you very much Cecil.

“We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming response from our community,” said William Turley at McMasters Butchers. “This event not only allowed us to serve up mouthwatering dishes but also provided a platform for our community to come together in support of Whitehead Storehouse.”

Whitehead Storehouse is deeply grateful to William Turley and his hard working band of helpers at McMasters Butchers, for their dedication, preparation and hard work and also to Cecil Knox for donating his appearance fee to Whitehead Storehouse. The funds raised through the charity barbecue will go a long way in supporting Whitehead Storehouse’s Mission to help those at economic disadvantage in Whitehead, Ballycarry and Islandmagee.

As the last embers of the barbecue fade away, the warmth of this event will linger on as a reminder that when businesses and communities collaborate, they can achieve remarkable feats that uplift and inspire. The sizzle of the grill may have ceased, but the echoes of this charitable endeavour will reverberate for a long time to come.


Music And Mind Festival Whitehead August 25 to 28 2023

Third Annual Music and Mind Festival Set to Enchant Whitehead

WHITEHEAD, COUNTY ANTRIM– Prepare to embark on a transformative journey where the power of music, poetry, meditation and spoken word converge with health and well-being. The eagerly anticipated third annual Music and Mind Festival is back, promising a captivating three-day experience that will rejuvenate your spirit and touch your soul.

Scheduled from August 25th to 28th, 2023, the Music and Mind Festival is set to captivate audiences across various enchanting locations in the serene coastal town of Whitehead, nestled within the heart of County Antrim. This unique event is a celebration of the profound connection between the arts and holistic wellness, and its significance resonates not only locally but beyond, drawing contributors and participants from far and wide.

Barbecue at McMasters Butchers, Saturday 26th August

One of McMasters famous barbecues will run from 11am to 4pm at McMasters Butchers, Kings Road in aid of Whitehead Storehouse. There will be live music.

Music at the Bankhouse

If you don’t want to visit a pub to hear music, check out the sessions at the Bankhouse, Edward Road.

Family Picnic

Saturday 26th August at the Methodist Church, Edward Road, with music, Jo Jingles, Bouncy Castles and Face Painting.

Music and mind program 26 to 28 August 2023

Elevate Your Senses

Immerse yourself in a symphony of holistic well-being as the festival weaves the harmonious threads of music, poetry, and spoken word into a tapestry of healing and self-discovery. Delight in a myriad of soul-stirring performances that range from soulful melodies to powerful verses, all carefully curated to uplift, inspire, and nurture the mind, body, and spirit.



A Confluence of Creativity and Wellness

The Music and Mind Festival is more than just an event – it’s a celebration of the intricate relationship between artistic expression and mental well-being. Discover the therapeutic influence of rhythm and sound, the cathartic release of poetic expression, and the transformative potential of spoken word. Engage with renowned artists and wellness experts who will guide you on a transformative journey, enabling you to tap into your innermost self and cultivate a sense of balance and harmony.

Local Roots, Global Impact

While the festival is deeply rooted in the local community, its impact reverberates globally. With contributors and participants hailing from near and far, the event fosters connections, fosters understanding, and encourages dialogue across diverse cultures and perspectives. As the festival embraces a universal language – that of creativity and well-being – it unites individuals in a shared experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

A Date with Wellness

Save the dates – August 25th to 28th, 2023 – as Whitehead opens its doors to an enchanting celebration of Music and Mind. From the picturesque coastal venues to the vibrant pulse of artistic expression, every moment promises to be an exploration of wellness, connection, and the limitless power of the human spirit.


Many Thanks to Asda

Grant and Donation of School Uniform

In every community, there are local businesses that go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Today, Whitehead Storehouse wants to extend our heartfelt appreciation to a remarkable store, ASDA in Larne, that has shown immense generosity and support to our charity. Through their grant of £800 and the donation of new school uniforms for primary school-age children, they have made a tangible difference to those in need.

At a time when resources are scarce, the local store stepped forward with open hearts and a commitment to making a meaningful change. Their £800 grant has provided us with invaluable financial support, empowering us to further our mission of providing food support for individuals and families in economic difficulties in the local community of Whitehead, Ballycarry and Islandmagee. With this grant, we can expand our efforts and enhance the lives of those needing food.

But their kindness didn’t stop there. The store also donated a significant number of new school uniforms, addressing a critical need that often goes unnoticed. For many families, ensuring that their children have proper school attire can be a challenge. However, thanks to the store’s benevolence, we can now provide these children with new uniforms that foster a sense of belonging and equality within their educational environment.

We cannot overstate the impact this store’s contributions will have on the lives of these children. By alleviating the financial burden and allowing them to proudly wear their new uniforms, they are creating a positive learning environment where all students can thrive. The store’s support has not only made these children feel included but has also boosted their confidence and self-esteem, setting them up for success both inside and outside the classroom.

On behalf of the Whitehead, Ballycarry and Islandmagee area, we extend our deepest gratitude to our local store. Their unwavering commitment to the community has truly made a difference. We are grateful for their partnership, generosity, and dedication to uplifting those in need.

In a world where acts of kindness often go unnoticed, it is essential to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of businesses that prioritize making a positive impact. Our local store’s £800 grant and the donation of new school uniforms will touch the lives of many in our community. We are immensely grateful for their compassion and support, and we hope their remarkable example inspires others.

How Whitehead Storehouse Distributed The Uniforms

Whitehead Storehouse volunteers contacted local schools to work with staff to identify those children that might need help with school uniform for the incoming year. It has been possible to distribute all grey and navy school uniform items. It will be necessary to go a little further afield to work with schools that use black uniform clothes.

Summer Economic Needs

Summer School Break

Summer is a great time for kids, no school, better weather, the chance to play outside all day with their friends. But as the school year comes to a close, it’s essential to remember that for many families, the end of classes also means the end of a reliable source of meals for their children.

During school time, many children may have a breakfast club at their school or receive free lunches, giving them nourishing food. However, when schools close for the summer, the responsibility falls on parents or guardians to provide meals, which can be difficult for those with limited financial resources.

At these times, it is helpful to contact your local food bank, Whitehead Storehouse. This covers Whitehead, Islandmagee and Ballycarry. Remember you can reach out and seek support from Whitehead Storehouse which is dedicated to helping families in food need, and committed to assisting families who may struggle to feed themselves or their children during the summer months.

This invaluable resource aims to bridge the gap and ensure that no child goes hungry during the break. By providing food aid and support, we can ease some of the financial burdens faced by families in difficult economic circumstances.

How to Access Support

If you find yourself in need of assistance getting food for your family during the summer, it’s important to know that help is just a request away. You can reach out to Whitehead Storehouse by various means, such as:

  • Phone: 0759 621 3763
  • Facebook page and messenger – Facebook search for Whitehead Storehouse
  • Email – whiteheadstorehouse@gmail.com

Maintaining Confidentiality and Dignity

It’s natural to feel hesitant or embarrassed when seeking help, but it’s important to remember that everyone faces challenges at some point in life. Whitehead Storehouse is committed to treating all requests with utmost confidentiality and respect. We understand the difficulties faced by families and aim to provide support without judgment, ensuring that you can access the assistance you need while maintaining your dignity.


No parent should have to worry about their children going hungry during the summer months. If you find yourself in a situation where providing meals becomes difficult due to financial constraints, Whitehead Storehouse is here to lend a helping hand. Reach out for support and rest assured that you will find a compassionate and understanding team ready to assist you. Together, we can ensure that your children have access to the nourishment they need to grow and thrive.

Can You Help Me Again Please?

While Whitehead Storehouse would like to help everyone in the Whitehead, Ballycarry and Islandmagee areas who needs food and other emergency economic help, it is not always possible to help every time someone asks.

There is a big and growing need for help with food for those who are suffering with the economic downturn. Whitehead Storehouse is an emergency help provider in the local area, supplying food and other items to individuals and families in sudden economic need. To be fair to everyone who needs help, we are having to limit the number of times we can help any individual or family to three times a year.

Whitehead Storehouse is not a regular food supply for those who may need other help, such as budgeting, or mental health or social needs: it is a source of emergency help for those who find themselves in a difficult situation. We do have contacts who may be able to help with those needs, so please do ask. Even if we cannot help out with food, we may be able to point you to some other place or organisation that could perhaps help you.

Having said all this, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, with no food, even if you have already received help 3 times in the year, please ask. We will do our best to help in some way.

FoodBank Near Me Carrickfergus Larne

Help With Food in Carrickfergus and Larne

https://www.whiteheadstorehouse.com/Whitehead Storehouse is an independent foodbank that covers Whitehead, Islandmagee and Ballycarry. Click here to get help with food in this area. We only serve clients in the Whitehead, Islandmagee and Ballycarry areas, however, there are other foodbanks that cover Larne and Carrickfergus, where those in need of food can get help.

Food banks are a life-saving concept that help those in crisis, they are not supposed to be a long-term solution. And, because they’re meant to be for those most in need, they can often only be used by those referred to them by a third party. This applies to the Trussell Trust foodbanks, which operate in Carrickfergus and Larne.

Larne Foodbank

The Larne Foodbank has the following information for those needing help:

“Please use the form below to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you need help from the foodbank the quickest way to reach us is by telephone. We can then direct you to the most appropriate agency to give you a foodbank voucher.” The Larne foodbank contact page can be found here. The NI advice phone number is 0800 915 4604  and is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for anyone in Northern Ireland in financial crisis.

Carrickfergus Foodbank

The Carrickfergus foodbank also has a similar page for those needing help:

“Please use the form below to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you need help from the foodbank the quickest way to reach us is by telephone. We can then direct you to the most appropriate agency to give you a foodbank voucher.” The Carrickfergus foodbank contact page can be found here. The NI advice phone number is 0800 915 4604  and is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for anyone in Northern Ireland in financial crisis.

General Foodbank Information

https://www.whiteheadstorehouse.com/If you are in the United Kingdom and you need help with getting food, you can turn to your local food bank for assistance. Here are the steps you can follow to get food from a food bank:

Find your local food bank: There are several food banks across the United Kingdom, and you can find your local food bank by visiting the Trussell Trust website and entering your postcode. The NI advice phone number is 0800 915 4604  and is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm for anyone in Northern Ireland in financial crisis.

Get a referral: To receive food from a food bank, you will need a referral from an agency such as your doctor, social worker, or a Citizens Advice Bureau. The referral will contain a voucher that you will need to take with you when you visit the food bank.

Contact the food bank: Once you have a referral, you can contact the food bank to arrange a visit. You can find the contact details of your local food bank on the Trussell Trust website.

Visit the food bank: When you visit the food bank, you will need to present your referral voucher to the staff. They will then provide you with a parcel of food that will contain enough food to last for a few days.

Foodbanks are for short term support, so you may want to ask for help in finding food on a long term basis.

Remember that food banks are set up to help people in need, so do not feel embarrassed or ashamed about asking for help.

Donate Direct To Whitehead Storehouse

If you would like to donate directly to Whitehead Storehouse, here are the details you will need.

Bank Sort Code: 95-06-79

Account Number 30273201

You can make a one-off payment or set up a regular payment from your own bank account.

Thank you for contributing to the local charity helping people in economic difficulty to eat.

No matter how much or how little you choose to give, we are very grateful for any donations that help us to help those in need in Whitehead, Ballycarry and Islandmagee.

Warm Space Whitehead Community Centre

Whitehead Community Centre Warm Space

Whitehead Centre are pleased to offer a new Warm Space in the Small Meeting Room- access via Balmoral Avenue side and to the top of the stairs. They will have tea, coffee and biscuits on offer as well as some games and jigsaws if you fancy.
This will run on Mondays 2.00pm- 4.00pm
Tuesdays 10.30am- 12.30pm
and Thursdays 2.00pm- 4.00pm
Everyone welcome!


Heating Costs Are High

With the horrific increase in heating costs, many people are having to keep their homes at a lower temperature  than is maybe healthy for them.

“Warm Spaces” is a new concept aimed at providing a temporary, warm and safe environment for people who may be struggling with heating costs or for those who may not have adequate heating in their homes. The concept is that of a warming centre, where individuals can come and seek refuge from the cold.

The idea of providing these warm spaces is a great way to support those in need of extra heat, particularly the elderly and vulnerable. Not only do these spaces provide warmth, but they also offer a place for people to socialise and keep occupied, which can be crucial during the winter months when people may be more isolated due to the cold weather.

It’s important for communities to come together to support those who may be struggling with the costs of heating or inadequate heating in their homes. Warm Spaces is a great initiative that can help alleviate some of the challenges faced by individuals and families during the winter months.