Whitehead Storehouse aims to provide 3 days of emergency food supplies to people and families in need. We may be able to provide contacts in other agencies if you have other needs. Talk to us or send a text or email.

If you have other needs, there are other organisations that may be able to help you with mental health, finance, debt and budgeting, abuse, addiction, bereavement, grief, counselling, relationships and many other areas.

Here is a list of organisations in the NORTHERN area of Northern Ireland that you can turn to for help, as well as getting an emergency food supply from Whitehead Storehouse. Click on the link or the first picture to get a downloadable leaflet that you can print out if you want.

Northern Card 2019 final

Organisations That Can Help

Here are more organisations that can help:

If you want to print out the pictures below, you must download them to your computer. Right click on each picture and click on “save as”.