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Winner – First Prize Donation From ASDA Foundation Larne

WINNER – First Prize

Many thanks to all those who voted for Whitehead Storehouse to receive a donation from ASDA, Larne.

Whitehead Storehouse has been declared the winner of the £500 1st prize from ASDA Foundation, Larne from their Green Token Giving Fund.

https://www.whiteheadstorehouse.com/The ASDA Foundation donates £1 million pounds every year to good causes in local communities. Anyone can vote online for a local cause dear to their heart. This time the voters chose Whitehead Storehouse as the overall winner for the Larne ASDA store, with runners up being Curran Bowling Club and Friends of Larne Adult Centre, Congratulations to them too.

Again, thank you so much for voting for Whitehead Storehouse, the prize will go towards helping disadvantaged families and individuals in Whitehead and the surrounding area.