Exciting News Alert October 2023

Join Us for a Heart-Pounding Event Benefiting Hope House!

Get ready to break sweat for a fantastic cause! We are thrilled to announce an exhilarating exercise event that will not only boost your fitness but also support our local cancer charity, Hope House Ireland and support those in the community living with cancer

Where: Whitehead Community Centre, Kings Road Whitehead

When: 6pm Friday 27th October to 6pm Saturday 28th October 2023

What: 24 hour fitness event


This thrilling exercise extravaganza is brought to you by the Music and Mind Team, a dedicated group of individuals committed to making a difference in our community.

Fitness equipment going 24 hours

There will be a:

  • Static bike,
  • Rowing machine and
  • Treadmill

The goal is to have all 3 pieces of equipment filled for the 24 hours.


This means we need 72 willing volunteers to fill the 72 hourly slots. Feel free to book a double slot if you can manage 2 hours’ exercise. Each participant is asked to raise £10 for a slot, so that if all slots are filled, this raises at least £720, well on course to reach the target £1,000.

The slots between 10pm and 6am will be the most difficult to fill so if anyone particularly likes to train at that time, please put your name down.

Supporting a Worthy Cause

Music and Mind  hopes to raise £1,000 from this event and all proceeds will go directly to benefit our local cancer charity, Hope House Ireland. Your participation will make a significant impact on the lives of those affected by cancer in our community.

Exercise – Best Medication

Music and Mind believes that exercise is one of the best forms of medication available: it boosts feel-good hormones, keeps us fit and helps fight social isolation.


It is aimed to have local talent singing during the event and music playing to encourage everyone as they complete their hour.

At the last slot leading to 6pm on Saturday, it is hoped that all will come together to celebrate and meet everyone who took part.

Contact Details

If you or your group or business would like to be involved, then phone or text (07926 361201) or email (noel@eastantrimcounselling.com) to discuss. You can book a slot online at https://www.picktime.com/3050a22a-f017-42a2-b441-baf74c182656


Let’s come together as a community to sweat, smile, and make a positive impact in the fight against cancer. See you there!