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Spend Local £100 Prepaid Card

Every adult resident in Northern Ireland was entitled to apply for a £100 “Spend Local” card from NI Direct. The application date has now passed but a number of people are still waiting for the arrival of their cards. Some people may have had concerns about applying for these cards or of spending the money as they were not in immediate need themselves. The cards were aimed at providing income for local bricks and mortar businesses which have suffered greatly during the recent lockdowns and with the restrictions still in place.

If you have applied for a card and are concerned about spending the amount on yourself, perhaps you would consider purchasing vouchers from local shops in Whitehead and the surrounding areas and donating them to Whitehead Storehouse for distribution to local families in need? This will still provide an income to local businesses, to help them offset the losses they have suffered in the past 18 months and will also help local families who are in economic difficulties.

A number of businesses in Whitehead provide vouchers for purchase, including The Spar, McMasters Butchers and The Fruit Shop. If you would prefer to use another shop, ask them if they provide vouchers. These shops are also willing to hold onto these vouchers for you and then providing them to Whitehead Storehouse. Alternatively you can contact Whitehead Storehouse as usual, to pass on to a committee member.